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Niagara is an amazing region in Canada for scenery photographs.

I know there are the Rockies in British Columbia; the wheat fields in the Prairies; the Laurentian Highlands in Quebec and then the Atlantic shores on the East Coast. But I'm happy to be nestled here in Southern Ontario, within The Niagara Peninsula. I've had some great photo opportunities here in Niagara, as witnessed in the various slideshows I've produced.

Since brevity is the soul of wit, I decided to just show off only two of the banners I've created here to illustrateTouristy Places and the Seasons in Niagara. I've restricted my slideshows to Spring Photos and Autumn Photos, my two favourite times of year. The links to those slideshows are at the bottom of this page. Happy touring!

Touristy Places

Niagara Scenery Photo Gallery


The Niagara Peninsula is a mega-hub for tourism. Vineland, Ball's Falls, Jordan Village, Port Dalhousie, Niagara on the Lake, Queenston Heights and Niagara Falls all attract thousands of tourists and cameras each season.. There are orchards and wineries, beds and breakfasts, nature trails and lake views throughout the region. If tourists get tired of the magnificent scenery, they can always take in the entertainment and the buffet at the Niagara Casino. There is no scarcity in things to do and see within the Niagara Region, which makes tourism a special a precious asset to the area.



Niagara Scenery Photo Gallery


My two favourite seasons are spring and autumn in Niagara. Colour can be so "vibrant" either at the birth or at the death of growing things. Strange irony! During the winter and summer though, I like to write novels.

So, I go out on a photographic "jaunt" basically twice a year. Spring and Autumn are the loveliest seasons, I think, for scenic pictures. I load up my bicycle in the back of my Hyundai-Accent, a hatch-back vehicle. Then I grab my lunch and camera, and start the car with eager anticipation!

I feel at peace when I am engaged in my seasonal photo jaunts.


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Niagara Scenery Photo Gallery

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