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Niagara Author - John HartigJohn Hartig is a Canadian novelist. He published several dozen Paperbacks and Hardcovers through Amazon. His e-Books are also available on Kindle.
John's books are perfect for readers, young and old, who like mild murder mysteries, historical fiction, cowboy novels and science fiction. His three passions are: writing, web design and scenery photography, especially flowers and sunsets. John Hartig lives in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. He is retired. You can view the range of his writings on Amazon by clicking:

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Niagara Author - John HartigThe Final Exit: Medical Assistance in Dying, MAiD in Canada: In March 2024, incurably mentally ill people will be eligible for medical assistance in dying in Canada. Author John Hartig had two friends who used the service. It's a contentious issue. Who determines eligibility and who determines where the moral lines are drawn?



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Niagara Author - John Hartig77 Looking Back: My Sort of Diary: My "sort of diary" covers about half a year of my life from October 2022 to February 23rd when I turned 77 years old.

During that time, Ontario was recovering from the Pandemic. The healthcare system was crumbling. Premier Doug Ford was moving the system towards a more for-profit system, as people were dying because of huge wait times in emergency wards and as old folks were neglected in seniors' homes.

Things were no better on the world stage, as Putin's war killed more people in Ukraine.

Refugees and asylum seekers looked to Canada as a refuge with a Liberal government under Trudeau not providing the infrastructure to handle the new influx. As a former refugee myself from Austria in 1954, I wondered what really had changed in the world!

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Niagara Author - John HartigThe Sasquatch: A Sasquatch family living in a cave near Whitehorse, Yukon, just wants to be left alone. A Rare Exhibits firm owned by a Chinese entrepreneur has other ideas. However, Ranger Bob Evans and an indigenous tribe are determined to foil the plans of evil-doers.


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Niagara Author - John HartigWe Are Not Alone: Civilizations in Outer Space

Outer space has always been a fascinating topic in my mind. How big is the universe? How many stars and galaxies are out there? Are we alone? 

The new discoveries of exoplanets suggests that we are not alone! Chances are that life of some sort is out there, only the distances to other star systems is so immense that we, or they, will never cross interstellar space to meet.


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Niagara Author - John HartigThe Cosmos, Origins and Aliens, Vol. II: is a summary of thoughts of several noted physicists on YouTube, as well as some of their books, on topics like the Big Bang, string theory, multiverses, possibility of alien life and what created the whole "shebang", including the possibility of God.


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Niagara Author - John HartigLouis David RieI Revisited: John A. Macdonald, Canada's first Prime Minister, sent the wrong people into the Red River Colony, like William McDougall, to manage Rupert’s Land. McDougall sent in surveyors too early, not respecting old land claims. Metis farmers had lived in the Colony for decades but did not have proper land registration papers. Louis David Riel was an educated Metis who asked for negotiations with Ottawa. When Ottawa ignored the request. Consequently, two rebellions put a stain on Canada's history.


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Niagara Author - John HartigThe Polish Cowboy is about a real-life Texas legend, Joseph Cotulla, who immigrated from Poland in 1856 with his mother, at the age of 12. As a young man, he moved to Atascosa County, Texas, where he learned about horses, cattle and ranching. When he was 19, in 1863, he signed up on the Union side at Brownsville during the Civil War. In 1868, at the age of 24, he bought a parcel of government land in La Salle County and started his own ranch. In those days, you could buy cattle dirt-cheap in Texas or Mexico. When The Chisholm Trail opened up leading north to Abilene, Cotulla herded his cattle to the new rail-head there, which brought beef to the Eastern markets at high prices. Joseph Cotulla grew rich. He bought more land around 1875 and donated some of it to the railroad. A town was named after him. Ride with Joseph Cotulla on his way to riches and fame, and see how the West was won. This is a factual story mixed in with captivating fiction about an immigrant boy who went from rags to riches at a time when America was a wild frontier and when you could carve out your own destiny. Joseph Cotulla is "The Polish Cowboy".

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Niagara Author - John HartigThe Tipperary Kid is my first ever Western. Google and my imagination had fun creating this cowboy fiction about a young man whose folks escape the Irish Potato Famine in 1848. Aileen and Connor Murphy come to New York, and start a new life in America. Their son, Little Jimmy, is too young to join the Union Army during the Civil War, but by the age of 14 he has become Big Jim. He joins up at the tail end of the war in 1864. As a medic he befriends Sam Whitfield, a Confederate Reb, whose folks own a ranch in Laredo, Texas. Big Jim Murphy wants to become a cowboy and so he and the Reb team up and ride to Laredo, a dusty town this side of the Rio Grande. They have a run-in with Jesse James during a rainy night. They drive cattle up north along the Chisholm Trail to Abilene. They also catch a train to St. Louis and take riverboat trip down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. During his lonely nights guarding the horses in the remuda on the cattle drive, Big Jim Murphy practices his fast draw. He becomes fast, real fast. He earns a reputation as, “The Tipperary Kid”.

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Niagara Author - John HartigCrooked Bay Police Story depicts a quiet little town on the west coast of Newfoundland. It has a bunch of little houses, two churches, "The Reserve" and an RCMP outpost. Since the Lucky Strike Mining Company found gold north-east of town, Crooked Bay has been going through an economic boom, The police department, manned by three officers, has its hands full already, trying to keep up with abuse at the seniors' home, poachers on The Reserve, teenage drunkenness, a car theft and the usual break and entry. Sgt. Brett Wilson doesn't like the changes in his little town. Making things worse is its first murder, with a teenager wrongly accused.

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Niagara Author - John HartigWho Killed Jean-Marie Leclair? The year is 1764. Jean-Marie Leclair is found stabbed to death right in front of his house. The crime was never solved and no one was ever arrested. What are the secrets in this murder mystery which were never uncovered?

Jean-Marie Leclair was an accomplished violinist of the Baroque period. Also a composer. He founded the French School of Violin. The culprit could have been the nephew who was a mediocre violinist wanting his uncle to promote him before King Louis XV of France. It could also have been the ex-wife, Louise Roussel, who made money by publishing Lecalir's manuscripts. So, who dun it? Read and find out.


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Niagara Author - John HartigThe Chosen is the story of a violin, but not just any violin. It was made in Cremona in 1732, by a rival, Joseph Guarneri, to the town’s most famous violin maker, Antonio Stradivari.

I was mesmerized by the movie, The Red Violin, and inspired to write something parallel to the story in that movie. Why not make this violin’s story come from Antonio’s competitor, from the Guarneri family?

Why not have the violin journey through different ownerships through history! Have it experience the fingers of Vivaldi, the threat of the Napoleonic Wars, survive World War 1, the Roaring Twenties, the Depression Era, Hitler’s Germany and the Second World War!

Why not bring the violin to America through immigrants looking for a new life? The violin travels to San Francisco in 1967 to the Haight-Ashbury District to see how the Hippies hoped to change the world through Peace and Free Love.

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Niagara Author - John HartigThings Have Gotta Get Better Than This: The two-year Pandemic has wreaked havoc with Josh’s life. He had a wife and two kids. His restaurant had been thriving in Toronto. Then he lost everything and became a homeless drunk. His friend, Harvey, did not give up on him but got Josh to go to London, Ontario, enrolled in a program for addicts, called Teen Challenge. Josh cleaned up his act, enrolled in a cooking school in Gander, Newfoundland, of all places, where he got his second chance. Would he be able to live up to it? Josh bought a building in an out-of-the-place village called Crooked Bay. He also met and married a lovely woman named Melissa. His failures seemed to be far behind him. But a killer lurked in the wings intent on destroying Josh's happiness. Would the killer succeed?


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Niagara Author - John HartigWhere Do Good Atheists Go?: This book came about through Jonah [not his real name], a friend’s death, who was an Atheist. He was a good person and it seemed that his soul, after death, just did not deserve to end its eternity in Hell. Jonah’s heritage was Jewish. He followed the culture of his birth, without a belief. He suffered sickness in life where his ulcers and his food sensitivities gave him a poor quality of life.
Finally, he chose doctor assisted dying. Friends and family grieved over the situation. Jonah was only 49 years old. Where did the soul of this marvelous young man go? Was it oblivion or was it some destiny in some dimension in the universe that God had designated for people like him? If indeed God was a fair judge and a merciful one!

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Niagara Author - John HartigJonah's Journey: Jonah was a basket case who struggled with his sanity, relying on counseling and the right balance of drugs. Maybe, it started with his inferiority complex being small for a man. Jonah saw a string of psychiatrists who tried different things on him, but still his mind faced a battle as formidable as David facing Goliath. Jonah thought his gift as a musician, as an excellent violin and guitar player, could save him. He drove to Los Angeles to try his luck with a record label. He also tried his hand at teaching high school where students towered over his diminutive size and conspired to get rid of him. Jonah felt cornered. What could he do? What job could he hold down where he felt fulfilled and got respect? How does a small man with an inferiority complex survive in a world that admires tall people?

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Niagara Author - John HartigLove and Faith Trilogy [A fictitious honour-killing in 3 volumes]. Book One asks the question: "What Honor is there in an Honor Killing?" The novel starts with Ahmad, the brother, killing his own sister, Khalisa, in the woods at Ball's Falls, outside of Vineland, Ontario. Father, mother and the brother all agree that Khalisa must die because she is willfully dating a white "infidel", Christopher Unger. This, in their minds, is a relationship which is not on the true path of Allah. Ahmad gets away with the murder for nearly 2 years. The younger daughter, Fahm, doesn't know that her own brother had killed her older sister. But a silver necklace, found at the scene of the murder, leads to Ahmad, as the killer. When the police close in, the parents give Ahmad money to escape and join ISIS. They go on trial and are imprisoned. Detective Ed Spencer and Fahm fall in love after the trial. The parents disown Fahm. The brother is still free and plans to come back to Canada with a false passport to do what?

Love and Faith Trilogy: Book Two explores "Modern Clashes of Cultures". It sees Ahmad fully trained as an ISIS fighter after a year of living in Syria. He is told to go back to Canada to blow up the subway in Toronto. While Fahm and Detective Spencer develop a love relationship, there are terrible things happening in Canada. Patrice Vincent, a soldier, is killed by a car driven by an ISIS terrorist in Quebec, and Corporal Nathan Cirillo is shot dead on Parliament Hill. “Islamophobia” grows noticeably in Canada and hate videos are uploaded to Youtube.

Love and Faith Trilogy: Book Three asks the question: "Can a Muslim girl and a white Christian make it work ?" Fahm and Spencer go to Paris, France for their honeymoon. Except the date for their honeymoon is all wrong! January 7, 2015, is the day that the Kouachi Brothers massacre people at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine. How will the couple cope and indeed survive?


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Niagara Author - John HartigYou Love Our MIlk and Honey, Memoir of a Refugee, Phase One: When Don Cherry got fired in November, 2019 for calling new immigrants, "you people", urging them to buy a poppy for Remembrance Day, I was not offended, but thought it was a good time to write my memoir as an immigrant and a new Canadian.

My family are refugees from Austria. We came with two suitcases in 1954 and landed at Pier 21 in Halifax, Canada, hoping to start over. Dad’s family came from Romania; mom’s family from Serbia. They spoke 5 languages, and faced the fact they’d have to add English to that list, making it an even half dozen languages. We were given badges to pin to our coats in Bremenhaven before we boarded the S.S. Neptunia to identify ourselves as “DPs” or Displaced Persons.This was November, a cold, damp Atlanic crossing. We knew nothing about wearing poppies on our lapels to honour Canadian soldiers who had died in the Great Wars.

My story comes in two volumes: Phase One, with the racism I faced when I first came to Canada, my Catholic grade-school and high-school education, my university degrees and my various jobs until the age of 43. Phase Two traces my experiences as a news reporter, teacher, and my re-direction as a photographer and a web designer.

I wanted to make a difference in my memoir, not only as a memoir about my life but also as a place to air my views about the social injustices in my adopted country. I want to live in a country that I can be proud of. It's better than most, but there is so much we can improve on. Maybe just pointing problems out is the first step towards what Pierre Elliott Trudeau wanted to create for all of us Canadians, as far back as 1968, which is a “Just Society”.

I am now a Canadian author with some 20 odd novels under my belt. I write mild murder mysteries, cowboy novels, biographies and science fiction. – John Hartig, Canadian Author


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Niagara Author - John HartigChildren's Rhyming Picture Book: "Can You Imagine?" is my first ever children’s picture book, targeting ages 4 to 104. It combines little poems with my knack for photography, especially sunsets and flowers. I owe my sunsets and flowers to Fair Havens Ministries, a Christian camp ground, where I spend every August on my holidays with my camera.I hope that my photography is eye-catching enough for little kids to take a delight in.

The basic premise of this children’s book is to get a child to imagine if he or she could be anything they'd like to be in nature. What would the child like to be? How about a flower or a bumblebee? What would it feel like to be the blue sky or a red sunset? “Can You Imagine?”

The book is short, 44 pages long, a perfect length for a mom or dad to read to a child, to share thoughts about the photographs and to ask questions. The colorful pictures have little rhymes. Kids love stories and pictures with little rhymes.

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