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Niagara Scenery Photographer - John Hartig


Niagara Scenery Photographer - John Hartig Niagara scenery photographer, John Hartig is also a Niagara Author. He enjoys writing crime fiction, short stories and poems, and to keep busy during his retirement, he has extended his skills to web design in the Vineland area. Check out his cell-phone friendly sites.

Now that he has entered his "golden years", John totes an easy to carry digital pocket camera. Even with down-sizing, there are so many new things to explore, scenery pictures, web design and writing novels.

John has also decided to make himself available to other seniors living in Niagara who need a helping hand with the computer or with a digital camera, or maybe just some advice on grammar and writing skills. Maybe you are struggling with the great Canadian novel, or your memoir or maybe a story about your ancestry? Maybe you want to put those things into a nicely designed website? Maybe you just got married and want to publicize the photos and your wedding in a website, instead of Facebook? Maybe you've got your family ancestry in mind, colourfully displayed in your very own site, or maybe you want to advertise a small business? John can create websites for you and also host them. As a senior, John has already trod the long and winding road of a Senior Geek. He is willing to share and lend a helping hand to other seniors with their computers, writings , and possible web design and hosting.

John is willing to go on field trips around the Niagara Region with like-minded camera buffs. You can get your own pretty pictures of the scenery around Niagara to grace any empty spots on the walls in your house. It might cost you a coffee and a doughnut to come with me, so the venture to do spring or autumn photos would be within your budget. John is adept at the scanner and photoshop, and he also has huge stock Niagara scenery pictures accummulaed over many years. Slip over to John's Niagara Scenery Gallery for a quick peek.

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John Hartig

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Niagara Scenery Photographer - John Hartig

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