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Niagara Author -John Hartig Biography Since my retirement, I have become one [or two] of Vineland's finest authors. I can make that claim because there are only one or two authors living in Vineland! My next goal is to become known regionwide in Niagara...and then, who knows? Nationwide, if I live that long.

When I got to high-school I wrote poetry, and then upon graduation from McMaster University, I landed a job as a news reporter. There we go, I was well on the way to launching a perfect career in writing! Well, not quite, the salary was minimum wages! Thank goodness, the office supplied the coffee! Ah youth, and the hopes, the delusions of getting a byline!

Dashed hopes for fame and riches aside, I've nevertheless, expanded my writing repertoire from poetry to short stories, and then on to novels. I write mainly crime fiction with a dash of romance. I'm an author living within the Niagara Region in the small village of Vineland, and I write, what shall I say, as a compulsive hobby.

Publication History:
1. Poem by John Hartig p.43, "I Walked To Kenny’s Grave Today", Solitude: A Collection Of New Canadian Poetry, publ. 2009, Polar Expressions Publishing, Maple Ridge, BC.
2. Poem by John Hartig, "Songs Of Innocence and Experience", The Journey: A Collection Of New Canadian Poetry, publ. 2010, Polar Expressions Publishing, Maple Ridge, BC.
3. Short story by John Hartig, "Coffee Break", Formation: New Canadian Short Stories, publ. 2010, Polar Expressions Publishing, Maple Ridge, BC.
4. Short story by John Hartig, "Courage Getting Old", From Across The River, publ. 2011, Poetry Institute of Canada, Victoria B.C.
5. Centre Page Photo Spread: Our Canada: A Country for All Seasons, "Spring Blossoms in Niagara-on-the-Lake," publ. 2012
6. Photo Design Ad Published: ARABELLA, Magazine Publication of Canadian Art, Architecture and Design, "Spring Awakenings 2012 Edition" Full page photo ad for Granny's Boot Antiques in Vineland,"Unique Folk Art, Vibrant and Alive!" John Hartig Photos.

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