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Niagara Author - John HartigIam a writer and an upcoming Niagara Author. I've just finished my third crime novel about Sgt. Benton Wright of the RCMP who solves murder mysteries in the little town of Crooked Harbour in Newfoundland. I like fabricating stories about crime sprinkling them with a dash of romance. I'm also someone who dabbles in Web Design for Vineland and the Niagara Region. I'm blessed [or cursed] with an obsession for picture taking of Niagara scenery!

I'm retired. So writing, web design and scenery pictures, keep me busy. Several years ago I went to night school at Mohawk College to learn how to do web design from scratch. I don't use templates. My sites are cell-phone friendly. I also design and make my own photo-cards which I use to promote my hobbies. If you look at the photo of the Morningstar Mill in St. Catharines, you get the idea of the things I photograph which catch my eye. My cards are eager to find a nice home in any small businesses like restaurants, wineries or Bed and Breakfasts...or heck, a truck-stop will do! My Niagara scenery cards are sized so that you can readily frame them in a 5x7 inch frame. I charge what it costs me to make them, with a minimum order of 10 cards for $30. Envelopes are included. If I cover my cost, I can happily continue my hobby. The recommended price for a card is $5, so that the small business makes a $2 profit in each card. I've got a large variety of Niagara-based images, all different. Enlargements would make an attractive addition to the walls of any home or office. Oh, and I almost forgot, I design coffee table books too, also at cost.

You can google Niagara Scenery, John Hartig Photos, Niagara Author - John Hartig, Vineland Web Design, or Niagara Author. I'm not crazy about Facebook, but I like a direct how-do-you-do from people who are interested in my hobbies.




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Here are quick peeks at what gives life to my retirement:
Vineland Web Design Don't worry about getting your website online, I do hosting with my affordable web design.
Duplicity, my third novel as a Niagara Author, a Sgt. Benton Wright murder mystery, now available on Amazon, Chapters, Kobo and Kindle.
My Photo Gallery of the Niagara and Vineland area. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit a spell.

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